Student Success Story

Photo of Monica

Monica, '16 Linguistics

Position obtained: Diversity Blog Writer/Narrator Internship at SundanceKid Press

"Always go to office hours and sincerely voice your interests."

Tell us about the organization and position.

SundanceKid Press is a multicultural, multilingual children's press that promotes diversity in children's literature. I will be a writer/researcher that will write weekly blog posts for the SundanceKid Press blog as well as narrate children's stories in both Spanish and English.

How did you find your position?

My professor emailed the class with this opportunity.

What tips would you give your fellow Spartans?

  • Always seek professors that have similar interests as you and take their classes even if their class may not necessarily  fulfill a requirement.
  • Always go to their office hours and sincerely voice your interests.

How will this experience support your educational goals?

This experience will give me the opportunity to grow as a writer, especially as an advocate for cultural awareness. When I conclude my internship I hope to have acquired skills a cultural ambassador for any organization I may take part of after I graduate.