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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

  • Q: Can you help me with my resume? I don’t know where to start.

    A: Of course! I suggest that you first start by watching our quick 8 minute Resume Webshop See our Drop-In Hours for in person resume review options if you’d like some feedback once you have completed your resume.

  • Q: I need to find an internship. Where can I find some tips about that?

    A: For tips on how to find and prepare for an internship, as well as resources and FAQ’s, visit the Internship section of our website. You may also want to check out our internship video series for several fun quick videos that may answer your questions.

  • Q: I’m trying to figure out what major to choose. Do you have any advice?

    A: Identifying a major that is a good fit has many different components. One of the biggest is making sure that it matches your interests. Check out A Spartan's Guide to Choosing a Major... in under 5 minutes! video to identify resources that can help you explore. Identify some majors or jobs you're interested in and make an appointment to meet with a career consultant and review your findings.

  • Q: I need information about interviewing. Is there a way you can help me practice?

    A: We have a great free program called Big Interview where you can practice with videos of interviewers and get suggestions about good answers to tough interview questions. For general information about interviewing, be sure to check out the Interview section of our website.

  • Q: I want to search for jobs and internships on SJSU Handshake but can’t seem to log on. What should I do?

    A: The answer depends on your enrollment status.

    • If you are a first-time user, use your student ID number as your username and password. You must be a matriculated, currently registered student at SJSU.
    • If you are an alumnus/alumna, Open University, or SAL student, use the assigned Career Center ID number as your username and password. For Membership Options, view our Alumni page.
    • If you are a newly-admitted student, you won't have access until after the Enrollment Census Date this semester. Please view the Academic Calendar for this semester's schedule.

You can always contact our front desk for assistance as well. Give us a call at (408) 924-6031 or email us at