CASA Research Grants

CASA RSCA Infusion Grant Awards

For AYs 14-15 and 15-16, the campus received an infusion of support for RSCA from the Provost's office of $1.5 million dollars. CASA's share of these funds was distributed to faculty through a competitive proposal process. Almost 30 faculty members across 9 CASA departments received awards of assigned time, summer salary, or study funds to support their RSCA work.

  • Monica Allen, HS&R - Validating health literacy indicators
  • Lynne Andonian, OT - Faculty led study abroad: Influences on student intercultural awareness and professional identity
  • Vernon Andrews, KIN - African American faces in non-traditional social spaces: the Burning Man desert community
  • Will Armaline, JS - International human rights and drug policy reform in the U.S.
  • Cole Armstrong, KIN - Organization impression congruence and employee training: A case study of a golf-focused sport service organization
  • Karen Bawel-Brinkley, TVFSN (with Colleen O'Leary Kelley, TVFSN) - Nursing course redesign for high impact educational practices: Evaluation study
  • Ted Butryn, KIN (with Deepika Goyal, TVFSN) - Critical media analysis of postpartum mood disorders
  • Megan Chang, OT - Patterns of sensory behaviors in children with autism - psychophysiological perspectives
  • Michelle Chen, SOI - Improving the analysis of large digital collections: A topic-based visualization model for better information access and retrieval
  • Anita Coleman, SOI - The representation and treatment of “Anti-Racism” in bibliographic information systems and knowledge structures
  • Nicole Dubus, SSW - Resettlement of refugees in Germany
  • Deepika Goyal, TVFSN (with Kasuen Mauldin, NFS&P) - Perceptions of gestational diabetes among Asian Indian women

  • Jooyeon Ha, HSPM - How do people choose ethnic foods? An ethnic food consumption model approach

  • Chris Hagar, SOI - Disaster preparedness and response: How public libraries can partner with local agencies to meet community needs - Phase 2
  • Meekyung Han, SSW - Dissemination of two research studies
  • Veronica Herrera, JS - Clean Sate Tattoo Removal Program Evaluation 
  • James Kao, KIN - The efficacy of an overground training program with accelerometer feedback to convert rear foot striking runners to forefoot striking runners
  • Edith Kinney, JS - Tackling human trafficking in Thailand: Social movements, legal mobilization, and the trajectory of reform 
  • Sang Lee, SSW - Caregiver perspectives on dementia among Korean Americans
  • Lili Luo, SOI - Helping LIS students become practitioner researchers: A diversified approach to research methods education
  • Sue Malloy, TVFSN - Evaluation of a simulation experience: An inter-rater reliability approach
  • Tamara McKinnon, TVFSN - Assessment of community members' reasons for participating in a health fair
  • Van Ta Park, HS&R - A culturally tailored program to reduce depression and stress among Vietnamese caregivers.
  • Bethany Shifflet, KIN - Transfer of life skills from collegiate experiences
  • Michael Stephens, SOI - Technology, collaboration, and learning: Perceptions and effectiveness of public library staff professional development
  • Masaaki Tsuruike, KIN - Scapular Dyskinesis assessment for collegiate baseball players
  • Vivian Wong, TVFSN - A descriptive article on the Wound and Ostomy Education Program at the Valley Foundation School of Nursing
  • Emily Wughalter, KIN - Measurement characteristics of a new augmented reality task
  • Jennie Zhang, HS&R - Content analysis on photos about seat belt use on Instagram

CASA Incentive Grant Awards

For several years, the CASA Deans office  awarded $25,000 incentive grants through a competitive process to CASA faculty researchers. Recent awardees and their projects are listed below. 

AY 2012-2013

  • Deepika Goyal, TVFSN; Kasuen Mauldin, NFS&P - Effect of Maternal Lipid Metabolism on Pregnancy Outcomes in Obese Pregnant Women
  • Danielle Harris, JS -Desistance from Sexual Offending: Protective Factors across the Lifespan
  • Soma Sen, SSW; Van Ta Park, HS&R - HIV Stigma and HIV Testing Behaviors among Asian American and Pacific Islander
  • Lili Luo, SOI; Van Ta Park, HS&R - Preparing Public Libraries to Support Health Literacy in the Communities

AY 2011-2012

  • Deepika Goyal, TVFSN; Van Ta Park, HS&R - Perspectives of Postpartum Depression in Asian Indian Mothers
  • Sandi Hirsh, SOI & Alice Hines, Dean's Office - Online Graduate Programs in Vietnam: A Model for Global Partnerships
  • Allessandro De Giorgi, JS - Return to Ghost Town: Concentrated Incarceration and Prisoner Reentry in an Oakland Neighborhood

AY 2010-2011

  • Laurie Drabble, SSWCollaborative Research Team: Drug and Alcohol Services and Systems

  • Peter Lee, SSW & Lili Luo, SOI - Social Workers in the Library: A Unique Collaborative Model to Increase Access to Social Services
  • Lori Rodriguez, TVFSN - ADN to BSN Nursing Education: Program Evaluation