SJSU Research Grants

SJSU Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity (RSCA) Awards

The purpose of the SJSU RSCA Awards is to support the research, scholarship and creative activity of tenure-track and tenured faculty. Recent CASA awardees of RSCA grants are listed below.

AY 2014-2015

  • Megan Chang, Occupational Therapy

When Stress Meets Mindfulness: Linking Psychophysiology in Everyday Life among Graduate Students.

  • Michelle Chen, School of Information

Improving analysis of large digital collections: A new information visualization model for better access and retrieval. A study to test an information visualization model that can be used to improve user search and retrieval capabilities by using it to query and retrieve data from the Illinois Digital Archives.

  • Ed Cohen, SSW

Evaluation of a Substance Abuse Intervention in a Primary Care Heart Failure Program.

  • Patricia Franks, SLIS

Security through collective intelligence: Cybersecurity key competencies and supporting learning modules. A collaboration between the College of Business and the School of Library and Information Science to identify key cyber-security competencies needed by non-specialist citizens, and develop and pilot learning modules to integrate these into existing courses.

  • Christine Hagar, SLIS

Disaster preparedness and response: How public libraries can partner with local agencies to meet community needs. For a nation-wide survey of public library leaders to identify exemplary models of library engagement in community-wide disaster planning.

  • Michelle Huang, HSPM

Divergent perspectives of place meanings: A Q-method study of student travel experiences in study abroad programs. A study to investigate how student travelers define the place meanings through study abroad experiences.

  • Colette LaSalle, NFS&P

The effect of simulation-based learning on clinical competencies in SJSU dietetic interns.

  • Lili Luo, School of Information

Meeting consumer needs for health information.

  • Kasuen Mauldin, NFS&P

Pilot Study: Use of Interactive Activity-Monitoring Technology to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes in a High-Risk Pregnant Population.A study to 1) identify factors during pregnancy and the immediate post-partum period that are associated with maternal and infant health and 2) test novel interventions that could improve pregnancy outcomes.

  • Jane Pham, HS&R

Determinants of teen health behaviors: A modeling approach. A study examining how age, gender, race/ethnicity, acculturation, and socioeconomic status influence teen mental health using data from the California Healthy Kids Survey.

  • Bethany Shifflet

Gender bias in sports analytics.

AY 2013-2014

  •  Liz Cara, OT 

Changes in Roles and Occupations After Major Life Trauma. A pilot project to study changes in women’s roles and occupations after major life trauma, focusing on the daily life occupations and roles of women in Rwanda. 

  • Amy D'Andrade, SSW

Disseminating Findings from a State-Wide Study of Service Delivery in Child Welfare Reunification. Dissemination of findings from a study using a state-wide survey, county outcome data, and interview data to identify promising models of reunification services delivery.

  • Deepika Goyal, TVFSN

Intervention to Improve Infant and Parent Outcomes in Asian Americans: A Feasibility & Acceptability Study. A study to examine the feasibility and acceptability of an evidence-based intervention to improve infant crying/sleep among Asian Americans.

  • Lili Luo, SLIS

Enhancing Practitioner Research: Analyzing Existing Research Trends to Improve Research Education. A study to identify the topics, trends, methods, strengths, and weaknesses of practitioner research in order to help practitioners accomplish their research objectives and create new knowledge that improves library services.

  • Michael Stephens, SLIS

Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs): Evaluating and Refining SJSU’s First Not-for-Credit MOOC. A study to evaluation SJSU MOOCs and help SJSU leaders better understand their potential.

  • Miranda Worthen, HS&R

A Longitudinal Study of the Reintegration Experiences of Young Veterans and their Parents. A longitudinal qualitative study with veterans and their parents to explore 1) veterans' experiences of reintegration, 2) parents' experiences after veteran children move home, and 3) changes in veteran-parent relationships over time.