Innovative Health Technology RSCA Work

Innovative Health Technology RSCA work focuses on issues of new media and advanced technology as supports for human health. This page is not yet complete; please check back in a few weeks for full details from 2014-2016.  

CHaHS Faculty RSCA work by year, type, faculty, and department
Year RSCA Type Faculty Dept Project Title
2014 Article Chen, Hsuanwei SOI Chen, H. M. (2014). Do Internet message board discussions affect stock returns? - A perspective from lead-lag patterns of co-mentioned stocks. Review of Business Research, 14(1), 57-63.
2014 Presentation Chen, Hsuanwei SOI "Understanding Library User Engagement Strategies through Large-Scale Twitter Analysis," with Zou, H. & Dey, S. Paper presentation at IEEE BigDataService 2015, Redwood City, CA, April 2, 2015.
2014 Presentation Chen, Hsuanwei SOI "Viewing Art Through Information Visualization: A Case Study of Bob Ross's The Joy of Painting," with Graten, E., Hall, A., & Hall, E. Invited Speaker, 2015 Virtual Symposium on Information and Technology in the Arts and Humanities, Online, April 22, 2015.
2014 Presentation Chen, Hsuanwei SOI "Using Analytics to Understand Social Media Activity". Invited Presentation at 2015 Special Libraries Association Information Technology Webinar, Online, February 4, 2015.
2014 Presentation Chen, Hsuanwei SOI "Preparing for the Data Storm: LIS Meets Data Visualization". Keynote Speaker, Special Libraries Association-San Diego Chapter 2014 Fall Seminar, San Diego, CA, October 24, 2014.
2016 SJSU Central RSCA Ha, Jooyeon HSPM The Influence of Perceptions about Restaurant’s Self-Service Technology on Tip Size
2014 Article Hagar, Christine SOI Royston, G., Hagar, C., Long, L-A.,  McMahon, D., Packenham-Walsh, N. & Wadhwani, N.  (2015). Mobile health-care information for all: a global challenge. THE LANCET Global Health, 3(7), e356-e357.
2014 Article Hagar, Christine SOI Hagar, C. & Kartzinel, H. (2014, September 19). mHealthcare for all by 2015: Preliminary findings and future directions. Information Development. DOI: 10.1177/0266666914550493.
2016 SJSU Central RSCA  Zhang, Ni HS&R Examining the Effects of Physical Activity Information via Social Network Sites among Students at San Jose State University
2015 Article Zhang, Ni HS&R Zhang, N., Campo, S., Yang, J. Z., Janz, K., Snetselaar, L., & Eckler, P. (2015). Effects of social support about physical activity on social network sites: applying the Theory of Planned Behavior. Health Communication. Doi: 10.1080/10410236.2014.940669
2015 External Grant Huang, Yinghua HSPM Big Data applications in Hosp and Tourism Industries
2016 SJSU Central RSCA 
Hagar, Christine SOI Data Collection Challenges of a Digital Volunteer Humanitarian Aid Organization: The European Refugees Crisis
2014 Presentation Luo, Lili SOI “Digital Storytelling in the Library.” Presented at the 6th International Conference on Information Technology in Education in Changsha, China. October 27, 2014
2015 Sabbatical Award Luo, Lili SOI Developing Online Communities for Librarian Researchers
2016 SJSU Central RSCA Award
San Nicolas-Rocca, Tonia SOI Identifying Cybersecurity Best Practices within Libraries
2016 External Grant Rebman, Kristin SOI Libraries Leading in Digital Inclusion and Disaster Response via TV WhiteSpace Wireless Connections
2014 Article Luo, Lili SOI Luo, L., & Park, V. T. (2014). Text 4 health: Addressing consumer health information needs via text reference service. Reference and User Services Quarterly, 53(4), 326-333.
2014 Article Luo, Lili SOI  Luo, L. (2014). Slam the Boards: Librarians’ outreach into social Q&A sites. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 19(1), 33-47
2014 Article Luo, Lili SOI  Luo, L. (2014). Text a librarian: A look from the user perspective. Reference Services Review, 42(1), 34-51.
2015 Article  Hagar, Christine  SOI   Royston, G., Hagar, C., Long, L-A.,  McMahon, D., Packenham-Walsh, N. & Wadhwani, N.  (2015). Mobile health-care information for all: a global challenge. THE LANCET Global Health, 3(7), e356-e357.
2014 Article Chen, Hsuanwei SOI Gu, B., Konana, P., Raghunathan, R., & Chen, H. M. (2014). The allure of homophily in social media: Evidence from investor responses on virtual communities. Information Systems Research, 25(3), 604-617. (5-year impact factor: 4.276).
2015 Presentation  Chen, Hsuanwei SOI  "Big Data Analytics for Behavioral Modeling," with Ho, S. & San Nicolas-Rocca, T. Tutorial for 2015 International Social Computing, Behavioral Modeling and Prediction Conference, Washington D.C., March 31, 2015
2014 Presentation  Chen, Hsuanwei SOI  "Twitter Sentiment Analysis". Presentation at the Social Media & Trust in Government Project Committee Meeting, Online, September 18, 2014.
2014 Article  Lee, Steven JS  Roda, N, SB Lee, B Barloeven and T. Mehmet. 2014. DNA Typing Compatibility With a Rapid, One Step Saliva Screening Test. Themis, Volume 2: 225-235.