Research Consulting Services

CARHS offers several kinds of research consultation services. CASA faculty members interested in working with consultants can request a referral by emailing Amy D'Andrade ( 

Grant Consultation

The grant consultant is available to help faculty members identify funding sources, assist with the coordination of the grant writing process, help develop proposals, and review draft proposals to ensure alignment with funding guidelines. 

Statistical Consultation

Consultants provide statistical guidance to assist CASA faculty members in completing scholarly articles or research projects. A limited number of hours of statistical consultation are available. Consultants have expertise in a variety of areas, including survey design and implementation, model building, multivariate analysis, interpretation of results, preparation of tables and visual depictions of results, and are familiar with a variety of software packages for quantitative data analysis. 

NVivo Consultation

Many CASA faculty use NVivo software to help them analyze qualitative software. The NVivo consultant is available to help faculty members learn and take advantage of this powerful software.