RSCA Resources

Use SJSU library resources to support RSCA

Dr. Martin Luther King library has resources that support faculty RSCA activities, such as subject librarians, ScholarWorks for RSCA dissemination, and research software (e.g. SPSS) tutorials.

Library faculty services

Library technology resources

Develop RSCA agenda

The following resources might give you some ideas on how to develop a RSCA agenda.

Developing a Research Agenda, from CSU Faculty Life: Research

What’s Your Research Agenda, from Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Developing a coherent research agenda, Lessons from the REL Northeast & Islands Research Agenda Workshops

Share and disseminate RSCA

The Social Sciences Index (SSCI) is a useful source for faculty to identify journals in their respective disciplines. Here are some basic steps to access SSCI:

  1. Go to “W” under the alphabetic list of SJSU Library Databases
  2. Click on Web of Science (and Journal Citation Reports)
  3. Once logged in the database, click on “Journal Citation Reports” on the top of page
  4. Select “JCR Social Sciences Edition” and “”View a group of journals by   Subject Category”
  5. Follow the search instructions to select  the subject/discipline to view the journals indexed by SSCI in that subject area/discipline - the journals can be viewed by title, impact factor and other indicators.

In addition to make submissions for journals and conferences, faculty can share their RSCA via SJSU ScholarWorks, which is a digital repository of the research, scholarship, and creative works of San José State University faculty, students, and staff.

You may also consider using JANE (Journal/Author Name Estimator) to identify journals to submit your manuscripts to.

Get Training for RSCA    

Below you'll find resources related to intensive trainings held in summer, on-line trainings, and research guidelines.

Summer Research Training

ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. A comprehensive selection of 2-day to 4-week courses in statistics, data analysis, methodology, and research design.

Training on use of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI). The CIDI is a fully-structured psychiatric diagnostic interview that is designed to be used by trained interviewers who are not clinicians and to yield diagnoses according to the definitions and criteria of both the ICD-10 and the DSM-IV diagnostic systems. The Survey Research Center offers CIDI training workshops each summer in the use of Version 3.0 of the CIDI.The workshop addresses issues in data collection, editing, coding, and data cleaning and provides hands-on experience in the administration of the CIDI.

Health Disparities Research and Minority Populations: Exploring ICPSR Data Sources. This workshop explores ways to understand racial and ethnic differences in health care access and outcomes.

Online Resources

Intro to R. A series of 21 2 minute videos introducing R, free statistical analysis software.

4researchers. An NIH-supported website that disseminates practical "how-to" information for research across mental health disciplines.

Help with SPSS. Information on using SPSS for statistical analysis from UCLA's Academic Technology Services.

e-Source. Sponsored by the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research at NIH with contributions from a team of international experts, this website provides “the latest information on addressing emerging challenges in public health.”

NIH Guidelines for Mixed Methods Research

OMB Standards and Guidelines for Statistical Surveys

NSF Guide for Proposal Writing

Resources on Academic Scholarship and Productivity

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD)

Academic Coaching and Writing (ACW)

The Pomodoro Technique® 

Facilitiate RSCA - Useful Resources   

Transcription Services for Qualitative Research

Landmark Associates


Franklin Square



Verbal Ink

Online Survey Service Qualtrics (SJSU has a site license) - please see below a few documents to help you learn more about the various services Qualtrics offers.

Sample Services

Research Services

A Guide to Qualtrics Research Suite