Alternative Petition

Alternative to the International Experience Requirement

We understand that some students may be unable to travel abroad due to health issues, immigration/documentation status (i.e., AB 540, DACA, undocumented), financial hardship, family/work responsibilities or other situations. In these cases, students can petition to complete an alternative experience locally. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Meet with the CASA International Experience advisor, Anthony Korsund in the CASA Student Success Center for advising on resources and options available for international study and alternative experiences, and the process for submitting a petition.
  2. Complete the Alternative Petition. Be sure to include supporting documentation.
  3. Obtain signatures of the CASA International Experience advisor and your academic advisor or department chair, and submit the petition to the CASA Dean’s office, 431 MacQuarrie Hall.
  4. Final determination regarding travel alternatives must be approved by the dean of CASA. The Dean’s office will notify you when the petition has been signed.

Students who are approved for a travel alternative are required to:

  1. Complete 20 hours of volunteer service in a local organization that serves individuals or communities from a cultural heritage/background that is different than your own.
  2. Register for and complete APSC 198ITL, 1-unit online seminar course. APSC 198ITL is offered in Fall and Spring semester. Volunteer service can be completed prior to or concurrent with enrollment in APSC 198ITL.
  3. Submit a letter verifying completion of 20 hours of volunteer service to your APSC 198ITL instructor. The letter must be on the organization’s letterhead and signed by an employee of the organization (see sample verification letter attached to petition).

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If you have general questions regarding the petition, please contact Erika Vazques at