Money Matters

Budgeting helps you prepare for your trip

Make a budget in advance, so you have an idea on how much money to save and how much you will spend. Try out travel budget worksheets or travel calculators to organize expenses and estimate travel costs. In addition to tuition and air fair, take into consideration other personal expenses such a food, souvenirs, extra activities, etc. Also, be sure to check the foreign currency exchange rates as they vary from country to country. We advise our students to check with their FLP instructors for guidelines on in-country expenses and how to budget for the trip.

Be clever with fundraisers

There are many ways to create fundraising campaigns - make baked goods and sell them, offer services such as car washes, or hosting an event. Get creative!

Check out SJSU alum Jayne Baltazar's fundraiser for her FLP - she saved $7,000 by baking one of the most popular French pastries! 

Apply for jobs to help save money

Explore these databases to search for job openings:

Review scholarship opportunities and apply early

There are many SJSU Study Abroad Scholarships available for students to support studying abroad. Make sure to research and take advantage of the scholarship opportunities available to you. We encourage our students to check out the following resources: 

Financial Aid

You may be able to use your Financial Aid toward your Faculty-Led Program if you are taking 6 units or more during the summer session. Students are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible to find out the process of allocating financial aid award toward their summer FLP.