A Project SHINE volunteer tutors two seniors.

Community organizations in metropolitan San Jose may become community partners of departments, faculty and student "community learners.” The Center for Community Learning & Leadership and its programs facilitates and supports these partnerships.

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Examples of Community Learning

College of Business

Management information Systems:
Student design software training programs for nonprofit staff and for teenagers in schools and community centers

College of Education

Special Education:
Students studying special education are paired with special needs children to provide tutoring, assessment and language intervention

College of Engineering

Civil Engineering:
Students learning about wood structures design footbridges for the Los Gatos Creek Trail

College of Social Science

Communication Studies:
Students learning about organizational and small group communication conduct analyses of nonprofit organizations' communication strengths/challenges and propose strategies for improving communication patterns; students in another class conduct workshops on communication related topics for teenage and adult clients in various agencies

College of Social Studies

Environmental Studies:
Students learning about environmental impact assessments provide community education on planned local energy projects

College of Applied Science and Arts

Students provide ESL tutoring and coach elders in preparing citizenship exams