Entrance to the John-XXIII Multi-Service Center

The Center for Community Learning & Leadership supports departments, faculty, students, and community organizations engaging in community learning.

Services for Students

    • Information about community learning classes
    • Assistance finding community service and community learning sites
    • Support from Peer Leaders in University Community Learning
    • Information about service and leadership programs
    • Information about the leadership minor
    • Opportunities to participate in National Service days

Services for Departments and Faculty

    • Support, planning assistance and access to conferences for academic departments committed to community learning.
    • Technical assistance for faculty members who wish to integrate or enhance community learning in their courses
    • Faculty development workshops & networking on relevant community learning topics
    • Assistance with identification of appropriate community partners
    • Access to community learning library and the Center's website
    • Assistance with securing community learning course designation in course schedule
    • Classroom presentations on community learning
    • Mini-grants for community learning activities/materials/professional development

Services for Community Organizations

    • Orientation/workshops for new partners
    • Networking discussions & workshops for current partners
    • Assistance with identification of appropriate university partners
    • Assistance with developing appropriate community learning opportunities for university students
    • Annual “Get Connected” and Non-Profit Employment/Service Fair
    • Exposure to faculty & students through the community partner database on our website
    • Forms and tools covering topics such as partnership development, risk management, coordination of community learning students, and working with students
    • Opportunities to sponsor and host AmeriCorps Peer Leaders in University community Learning and/or Community Educators and/or VISTAs