Success Stories


"Community service can be such an eye-opening experience and an almost life-altering event. At Sacred Heart, I have learned many new things from many different people from all walks of life. I have been exposed to lifestyles that I never thought imaginable. Being a volunteer has allowed me to step out of my shoes and see the world through the eyes of others. It has forced me to confront and deal with many of the issues that our society faces everyday. When we decide to help others, we are not only doing them a favor; we are also doing ourselves a favor. We are opening ourselves up to new understandings and experiences, as well as the chance to possibly change the way we look at those around us."
- Stephanie Byrnes, Community Action and Service 157

"I am able to connect the actual practice of providing a service to an organization, and some of the theories or issues studied in class. With this information, I can also take it a step further by designing my own action plan."

- Jessica Rodriguez

"My [community] learning experience has enlightened me on how there are many good people out there. It also gives me a new perspective when looking at troubled neighborhoods. I see that people who volunteer dare make a difference and they are part of the solution and not the problem."

- Helen Duong

"Not everyone has a home, or comfortable place to live, but it is hard to believe it and/or understand it unless you see it…and the thing that changed me the most was the reward in the end. It was not like work at all. I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the girls. I felt useful in the way that the girls had someone to look up to. I remember when I was a young girl, and how much I looked up to women my age now."

- Kristen Nielsen

"This glimpse into an organization's communication process has given me a life long tool of not only how to evaluate the structure of organizational communication, but also of how each of us is a participant in that structure. And finally, it gave me the satisfaction of knowing I could play a small part in helping out the community."

- Laura Wrede

A practical education for aspiring engineers - by Ryder Diaz, 03/17/2013

SAN JOSE -- The storage closet was packed with boxes, giant barrels for toy drives and an overflow of nonperishable food. The constant influx of donations and supplies at Sacred Heart Community Service, an organization serving San Jose's low-income families, had outgrown the shelves.

"I'll just say, space is at a premium," said Carol Stephenson, Sacred Heart's community involvement coordinator.

They needed a smarter way to store their stuff. And who better to help than engineering students from San Jose State University. The students fashioned a sturdy, adjustable storage unit, with large, deep shelves and handles for heaving and pulling -- all on wheels...