2005-2006 Collaborative Project Awards

Olinder School Education Project(Provost Collaborative Project Award)

CommUniverCity VISTA Leif Christiansen took the lead in developing an education project for Olinder School working with faculty members Bob Gliner and Michael Fallon and EDUC 157 students; Maria Mustonen, representative of the Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace neighborhoods and school volunteer; Carol Robledo, Olinder School Resource Teacher, and Agnes Lull, Olinder School Counselor; Maureen Scharberg, SJSU Chemistry professor; and AmeriCorps Bridging Borders members.

Olinder representatives were pleased with the performance of the volunteers and look forward to the continuation of the project.The project will continue at Olinder next year and be expanded to McKinley School, another Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace (FWBT) elementary school.