Community Learning Policy


Policy for community learning, specifically for “service-learning” is derived from the CSU's Center for Community Engagement and “Best Practices for Managing Risk in Service Learning" (2002). The SJSU Academic Senate has defined “service-learning” (SL) and established procedures for designating SL courses. In Fall 2010, faculty reporting of SL course information became imperative. Procedures and forms are found within the website.

Course Designation

Courses/sections designated as “service-learning” (SL) shall be identified by the department for the Schedule of Classes and the APDB – Academic Planning Data Base / Census. Departments are responsible for amending SL designations for succeeding semesters, and shall submit a new Minor Course Change Proposal whenever there are substantial changes.

Departments seeking SL designation of a course will follow the policies and procedures for creating or modifying curriculum. A Minor Course Change Proposal to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research or to Undergraduate Studies shall include as an attachment:

Statement of how the course/section meets the minimum criteria set forth.

Description of the service assignment(s), expected hours, work products, and preparations for service placement.

Explanation of how the SL experience will be integrated into the course and into grade evaluation.

The Policy Recommendation passed by the SJSU Academic Senate can be viewed on the Academic Senate website. Problems regarding approval of SL courses/sections shall be resolved by the AVP GS&R or the AVP UGS, in consultation with the College Dean and the appropriate senate operating committee.

CCLL strives to maintain a current list of SL courses, community partners, and Community SL Agreements. It is imperative CCLL receives this information each new semester.