Project SHINE


Project Students Helping In the Naturalization of Elders (SHINE) at San José State University is an intergenerational and intercultural community learning program. Project SHINE links community learning students with older immigrants and refugees seeking to learn English and navigate the complex path to U.S. citizenship.

In community centers and other selected sites in the immediate area, students tutor elders in English and computer literacy, helping them become more actively engaged in their communities, and teach the U.S. history and civics needed to pass the citizenship exam.

Project SHINE San José is a joint effort of San José City College 's Community Learning Program and San José State University 's Center for Community Learning & Leadership. It is part of a national consortium, funded by the Corporation for National Service, based at the Center for Intergenerational Learning, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Contact information is listed below. Material and tools for Project SHINE tutors and volunteers are available in the side navigation.



Phone: (408) 924-5412

Office: One Washington Square, Clark Hall 203,San Jose, CA 95192-0246