Restore Coyote Creek


The Restore Coyote Creek project seeks to engage the community adjacent to Coyote Creek including SJSU and neighborhoods to clean up the creek and restore it to a healthy, functioning waterway for fish and other riparian species. This project is funded by the Santa Clara Valley Water District and is a part of the Friends of Coyote Creek Watershed organization. RCC works on the SJSU campus in partnership with the Center for Community Learning and Leadership.

Restoring Coyote Creek revolves around three main issues:

  1. Homelessness
    Up to 750 people live along Coyote Creek with various health, emotional, legal statuses; social justice and social services issues abound. A county-wide plan was recently drafted, and implementation is commencing.

  2. Pollution
    Trash and illegal dumping contribute to the poor health of the creek; batteries and other chemical discharges contaminate water; garbage from homeless people needs to be removed. Check out what we have accomplished.

  3. Environmental
    Homeless people contribute trash and fecal matter, destroying habitat and plants; water quality issues are degrading; drought conditions and increasing population lead the water district to choose from differing priorities and needs; invasive species need to be removed and native plants reintroduced.
Contact us to learn:
  1. Community service projects: creek cleanups, volunteer surveys
  2. Curriculum-related projects: Journalism, Advertising, Theater, Environmental Studies, and MIS; Class field trips to the creek. 
  3. Restore Coyote Creek conference in April: student work will be featured at this community-wide event.

Find a way to get involved, by contacting:

Deb Kramer
Program Manager
Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful 
Office: SJSU Clark Hall 408B
Phone: (408) 372-7053

Next Creek Cleanup Event: 08/22/2015
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