Sequence of Undergraduate Courses

If you are a Communicative Disorders and Sciences major, your program of study will begin in the Fall of your Junior year. Students who obtain Junior standing in a Spring semester are advised to take their SJSU studies requirements (formerly known as Upper Division GE) while waiting for our Fall major courses to begin. Spring entry students may also consider fulfilling their statistics (STAT 95) and child development (ChAD 60, PYSC 102, or HS15) requirements (please review the course requirements page) if they have not previously done so.

Fall Year 1

  • EDAU 115 - Introductory Hearing Science
  • EDSP 102 - Language Development in Children
  • EDSP 110 - Resources for Human Communication Disorders
  • EDSP 111 - Introduction to Phonetics
  • EDSP 113 - Speech Science

Spring Year 1

  • EDAU 170 - Audiology I
  • EDSP 112 - Treatment & Management of Speech-Lang. Disorders
  • EDSP 120 - Articulation & Language Disorders
  • EDSP 124 - Assessment in Speech Pathology

Fall Year 2

  • EDAU 172 - Introduction to Principles of Aural Rehabilitation
  • EDSP 161 - Normal Processes of Speech, Language & Hearing
  • EDSP 177 - Practicum in Speech Pathology      AND/OR*
    EDAU 177 - Practicum in Audiology

Spring Year 2

  • EDSP 162 - Communication Disorders of Aging
  • EDSP 177 - Practicum in Speech Pathology      -AND/OR-*
    EDAU 177 - Practicum in Audiology

Additional Requirements

  • STAT 95 - Elementary Statistics
  • ChAD 60 - Child Development   -OR-
    PSYC 102 - Child Psychology      -OR-
    HS 15 - Human Life Span

Please review our course sequence [pdf] for a detailed and printable version of the undergraduate curriculum.

Please note that you may not enroll in any graduate level coursework unless you are admitted into the Extended Master's program or into the regular MA program.

*Due to limited availability, undergraduates in Fall Year 2 may have to take both practica (EDAU 177 and EDSP 177) in the same semester. However, if you are only given placement for one clinic for Fall, you will take whichever one you did not take (in Fall) in Spring Year 2 or vice-versa. Please note that placement in clinic is not guaranteed and is subject to GPA verification and availability. Please review our course sequence [pdf] for details.