Master's Degree Program

Two Female Graduates Laughing at Graduate Day

This 2-year program offers an in-depth study of communication disorders. It covers the topics of human voice, speech fluency, swallowing, speech development, language development, and cognition. There is an emphasis on communication in culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Other areas of study include neuroanatomy and neuropathologies in speech, language and hearing, audiological testing and aural rehabilitation, and research and assessment methods.

Clinical practica include experiences with children, adolescents, adults and group therapy. There are practica in aural rehabilitation, student teaching (in a school setting) and an externship (hospital or rehabilitative center).

Completion of the Master's Degree Program requires completion of a research project or a passing grade on the department's comprehensive exam. The comprehensive exam may be taken a total of three times to achieve a passing grade.

Students who complete the Program will be awarded
Masters of Arts in Education degree, with a concentration in Speech pathology.


Course Sequence


ASHA Basic Science Requirements

All students, regardless of your status in the program (Undergraduate, Extended Master, or Master), must fulfill the American Speech-Language Hearing Association's basic science coursework before graduating from our program. Many years ago, The Clinical Certification Board established this requirement to ensure that SLP professionals have a strong scientific foundation to support their work. As defined by the standards, each student  must complete the following:

CATEGORY 1. A course in the Biological Sciences (e.g. Intro to Biology, Intro to Zoology ) or equivalent.

CATEGORY 2. A course in the Behavioral Sciences (e.g. Intro to Psychology, Intro to Sociology or any equivalent course in these disciplines.

CATEGORY 3. A course in the Physical Sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry, astronomy) or equivalent

CATEGORY 4. A course in Mathematical Sciences (this is fulfilled through our program requirement to take Math 95 (Statistics) or its equivalent)


CCTC Requirement

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

CATEGORY 5. A class in child and adolescent development (satisfied by SJSU's ChAD 60, PSYC 102, or HS 15 - or any equivalent)

This is requirement is necessary to obtain a credential which allows Speech-Language Pathologists to practice in school settings.

Many of you will find that you may already have taken classes in these categories as part of your general education requirements. If that is the case, you do not have to take them again. However, if you have neglected to complete any of these requirements, you must complete them before you are able to graduate from the program.

If you are an SJSU student in the CD&S undergraduate program and you are missing any of the classes listed above, you should plan on completing them at SJSU or a community college during your Senior year.

If you are an Extended Master's student or regular Master's student from another university, you may take these classes anytime and anyplace (e.g.: at a community college, during summer, during winter break, etc.). However, it is our strong advice to each student that you complete these classes before you enter the graduate program. Do so will ease your course load and allow you to focus on speech-language pathology courses and clinics.