Speech-Language Services

The Kay Armstead Center for Communication Disorders (KACCD) provides clinical services in speech, language and hearing evaluations, as well as treatment. The KACCD serves both the SJSU and Bay Area communities.

On-Campus Speech and Language Services:

Evaluation Services

This clinic allows anyone concerned with most aspects of communication to receive a comprehensive assessment with a detailed report. Most assessments take 2-3 hours. Areas assessed include accent modification, fluency, language, speech sound disorders, AAC, voice disorders, and voice femininization/masculinization.

Treatment Services

Child Clinic:

Our child language clinic addresses the needs of children who have a delay in communication disorders. We serve clients with various disorders and syndromes in this clinic, including autism, down syndrome, and other chromosomal disorders.

Children have the opportunity to learn and develop language in a fast-paced, fun environment, incorporating multiple methods of learning. Thematic activities, and highly-structured sessions will allow for your child to develop social skills, ability to manage transitions, and engage his/her whole body while working on specific language targets. This clinic serves a variety of clients, with a variety of challenges.

Adult Neurogenic Clinic:

Our adult neurogenic clinic serves to address the needs of adults who have suffered stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other injury to the brain. The clinic provides clients the opportunity to receive individual therapy in order to focus on specific goals, and then group therapy to generalize those goals into a group setting.

Adult Language Clinic:

This clinic focuses on the social and cognitive needs of adults in a group-based setting. Therapy is provided weekly in a supportive setting.

Voice and Fluency Clinic:

This clinic focuses on children and adults who stutter, and clients with voice disorders, as well as voice services to the transgender community. Voice and fluency therapy services may include individual and/or group therapy based on the client's needs. 

2018 Summer Stuttering Camp:  see application for more details.

Transgender Clinic:

This clinic provides training for femininizing or masculinizing voice, speech, and communication styles to match the individual's gender identity.

AAC Clinic: 

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) includes all forms of communication (other than oral speech) that are used to express thoughts, needs, wants, and ideas. Some individuals who have difficulty speaking may require an extensive evaluation to identify an appropriate AAC system that meets their communication needs.