Sequence of Undergraduate Courses

If you are a Communicative Disorders & Sciences major, your program of study will begin in the Fall semester of your Junior year. Please review the requirements for the BA degree.


Fall Year 1 (Junior) Spring Year 1 (Junior)
EDSP 110 - Resources for Human Communication Disorders EDSP 112 - Principles of Assessment and Treatment in Speech, Language, Hearing and Swallowing Disorders
EDSP 102 - Language Development in Children EDSP 120 - Communication Disorders in Children
EDSP 111 - Introduction to Phonetics EDSP 180 - Independent Study - Observations
EDSP 113 - Speech Science EDAU 170 - Audiology I
EDAU 115 - Introductory Hearing Science   


Fall Year 2 (Senior) Spring Year 2 (Senior)
EDAU 172 - Introduction to Principles of Aural Rehabilitation EDAU 177 -Practicum in Audiology
EDSP 161 - Normal Processes of Speech, Language & Hearing EDSP 162 - Communication Disorders in Adults 
EDAU 177 - Practicum in Audiology  




*For ELECTIVEPlease review the list of suggested electives for the BA degree in CD&S: