Extended Master Students

The 3-year curriculum (Extended Master's Program) is for students who meet all of the other admission criteria for the Master's Degree Program, but do not currently have a Bachelor's Degree or have not completed a Post-Bac in speech pathology/audiology. 

 Course Sequence

ASHA Basic Science Requirements

All students (Undergraduate, Masters, and Extended Masters) must fulfill the American Speech-Language Hearing Association basic science coursework. The Clinical Certification Board established this requirement many years ago to ensure that SLP professionals have a strong scientific foundation to support their work. As defined by the standards, everyone must complete the following at an accredited institution.

CATEGORY 1. A course in the Biological Sciences (e.g. Intro to Biology, Intro to Zoology ) or equivalent.

CATEGORY 2. A course in the Behavioral Sciences (e.g. Intro to Psychology, Intro to Sociology or any equivalent course in these disciplines.

CATEGORY 3. A course in the Physical Sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry, astronomy) or equivalent

CATEGORY 4. A course in Mathematical Sciences (this is fulfilled through our program requirement to take Math 95 (Statistics) or its equivalent)