Curriculum Roadmap

Graduate Student Curriculum Roadmap

If you majored in a degree program other than communication disorders and sciences, you are considered an out-of-field student (OFS). Out-of-field students require additional credit hours of prerequisite course work that may be completed in approximately two semesters.

The list of requirements of the major core courses are:

  • EDSP 102. Language Development in Children
  • EDSP 110. Resources for Human Communication Disorders
  • EDSP 111. Introduction to Phonetics
  • EDSP 112. Principles of Assessment and Treatment in Communicative Disorders
  • EDSP 113. Speech Science
  • EDSP 120. Communicative Disorders in Children
  • EDSP 124. Assessment in Speech Pathology
  • EDSP 161. Normal Processes of Speech, Language and Hearing
  • EDSP 162. Communicative Disorders in Adults
  • EDAU 115. Introductory Hearing Science
  • EDAU 170. Audiology I
  • EDAU 172. Introduction to Principles of Aural Rehabilitation

Below is a sample of a roadmap for students entering our program in 2017. Please note that changes to courses and requirements may change.

SAMPLE Master Degree Course Sequence-For Students [PDF]


Background Requirements

Observation Hours

You must obtain at least 25 guided observation hours prior to the start of your clinical assignments in Year 1 of the MA degree program. These hours must be completed with an ASHA certified clinician. 

American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) & California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) Requirements

Prior to entering the MA degree program (Year 1), students must fulfill the ASHA course requirements along with the CCTC required coursework.*

ASHA Requirement 1:

A Biological Sciences course

ASHA Requirement 2:

A Social/Behavioral Sciences course

ASHA Requirement 3:

A Physical Sciences course

ASHA Requirement 4:

A Statistics course

CCTC Requirement:                   

A Child and/or Adolescent Development course








*Many of you will find that you may already have taken classes in these categories as part of your general education requirements. If that is the case, you do not have to take them again. Please meet with your advisor if you have questions or concerns about these requirements.