Job Opportunities for CDS Students


If you would like to post job/career opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students, please complete this form. We will list the posting below within one week of submitting the form. Postings will be removed after three months. If the position is not filled after three months, you can re-submit the form.

The CD&S Department does not receive payment for these job or volunteer postings.  The posting of a position does not indicate endorsement of the facility (e.g., school district, private practice).

Job Opportunities


Job Title Date Posted Degree Requirement
SLP/A at Via Services 12/10/2018 <Master's
SLP at Posy Inc 12/10/2018 Master's
SLP at Opya 12/5/2018 Master's
Volunteer at Sunrise Senior Living 12/4/2018 <Master's
SLP at Building Blocks Speech Therapy 12/4/2018  Master's
Aide at Bay Area Friendship Circle 12/4/2018 <Master's
SLP at The Foundation for Hispanic Education 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Speech Therapy that Works 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Ascend Rehab Services, Inc. 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Jennifer Katz, Inc 12/4/2018 Master's
SLPA at Stars Therapy Services 12/4/2018 <Master's
SLP at Stars Therapy Services 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Communication Works 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Natrona County School District 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Empower Speech Therapy and Life Skills Center 12/4/2018 Master's
Behavior Technician at Opya, Inc 12/4/2018 <Master's
SLP at CliniPost 12/4/2018 Master's
SLP at Felton Institute 9/26/2018 Master's
SLP at Advanced Education Centers 9/21/2018 Master's
Tutor at The Reading Clinic 9/21/2018 <Master's
Volunteer at Social Thinking 9/21/2018 <Master's
Private Tutor 9/21/2018 <Master's
SLP at Adriana San Millan Special Education Services 9/21/2018 Master's
SLP at Winters Joint USD 9/21/2018 Master's
SLP at DirectEd Educational Services 9/21/2018 Master's