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2015 - 2016 Service Learning & Community Engagement Celebration

Nomination Instructions:

To recognize a a student, partner, program, initiative, or sponsor; please provide a 1-3 sentence profile that may be included in the ceremony program.

If nominating a student for one of the following Iconic Awards (Martin Luther King, jr. Human Rights Award, The Smith & Carlos Activism Award, or The Cesar Chavez Social Justice Award), please include a short 50 - 70 word profile relating to the specific nature of the award, to be included in the ceremony program.

Nominations can be emailed to us directly at Community.Learning@sjsu.edu, and are due by Monday, April 25th.

Additional Event and Nomination information:
  • Faculty may recognize an outstanding student from a SL/CE course partnership.
  • Faculty and Program Directors may recognize an outstanding community partner/organizatiion, program, initiative or sponsor.
  • Faculy and Program Directors will have the opportunity to briefly recognize their constituent.

Community Engagement & Service Learning

Community Engagement & Service Learning (CE/SL) are integral parts of higher education. The University and community are critical stakeholders in addressing economic, environmental and social issues.

The Community Engagement Collaborative aims to promote, support and oversee CE/SL at SJSU. CEC strives to connect faculty, staff, students, community organizations and members in partnerships that share knowledge, skills, values, power, resources, results and recognition in reciprocal appreciation throughout the engagement.

The Collaborative of primary community engagement entities offers a variety of opportunities for involvement in Silicon Valley and beyond. This website is your gateway to CE/SL at SJSU. (Students may also inquire of CE/SL within their academic department.)

SJSU is offering a new, and fun community engagement class 157SL, cross listed as APSC 157SL, COMM 157SL, EDUC 157SL, ENGR 157SL, HA157, and SCI157SL

Ways to Engage / Program Areas

  • Community Engagement
    represents a spectrum of activity extending from community service-learning to civic engagement to advocacy and social activism to community-based participatory research.
  • Service-Learning
    is pedagogy promoting learning through participation in community service experiences related to course content.
  • Civic Engagement
    is community involvement promoting the quality of civic life through political and non-political processes.
  • Advocacy
    is the pursuit of influencing outcomes including public-policy and resource allocation within economic, environmental, political, and social system.
  • Community-based participatory research
    is research that is conducted as an equal partnership between traditionally trained experts and members of a community.

SL/CE Awards Nomination Form  

Social Impact Internship Flier

Take a Service Learning Course: 157SL

Contracted Community Partners List

Event(s) to Look Forward To: