Candidacy Form

Preparing to File your Candidacy Form

  • Complete graduate writing requirement. The requirement can be satisfied either by taking an appropriate graduate class in the CEE Department or by taking the WST and E200W.
  • Be a classified graduate student.
  • Fill out a candidacy form. The form must be typed.
  • List only 10 graduate/elective courses with grades and semesters taken on the form.
  • On the form, select one of three: thesis, project or culminating experience. Culminating experience could be the comprehensive oral examination or a written test.

Filing your Candidacy Form

  • Attach a copy of your Letter of Admission into the MS. Program in Civil Engineering with the candidacy form.
  • Attach a copy of your most recent transcripts, shoeing all courses taken while a graduate student here at San Jose State University.
  • Meet with your graduate advisor to review the candidacy form.
  • Your advisor will submit your form to the Department Graduate Coordinator for processing. You will be contacted by the CEE Office to either come and fix any errors or to pick up a signed copy of your candidacy form for your record.


  • You must be a M.S. degree candidate (your candidacy form must be approved) before you can take the M.S. degree culminating experience examination.