Completing the Program

Steps for completing the MS Degree Program

  1. Complete make-up requirements if needed.
  2. Request Change of Area of Emphasis if needed.
  3. Petition for Graduate Credit for work taken as an undergraduate, if applicable.
  4. Request validation of Transfer graduate credit (need only if transferring Graduate courses from another university program.
  5. File for change of classification in Master’s Program if your admission was conditional.
  6. Satisfy graduate writing requirement.
  7. File for candidacy (after completing your first semester of coursework but not later than one semester before the semester you intend to graduate). All conditions listed above must be met before applying for candidacy.
  8. Request for Course Substitution (if there is a need to change a course or courses you listed on your Candidacy form).
  9. Take and pass the department Culminating Experience Examination (only for MS Candidates – applicants with approved candidacy form).
  10. File an application for Award of Master’s Degree with the Registrar’s Office (fill out during the first two weeks of your last semester).
  11. Complete your courses with required grades (GPA).
  12. Be familiar with SJSU policy on completing requirements for the Master’s Degree.