Graduate Study

Chronological Steps To Be Followed In Graduate Study

Satisfying the University's written English requirement: 

It is University policy that all graduate students must demonstrate competence in written English as a requirement for graduation. Moreover, this must be done before being advanced to candidacy for the master's degree--that is, before the Office of Graduate Studies will approve a Graduate Degree Program for the degree. All Civil Engineering graduate students are strongly advised to satisfy the writing requirement as soon as possible after beginning graduate study so that approval of a Graduate Degree Program and Advancement to Candidacy can be achieved in no less than one semester before intended graduation. Plan A students (those who intend to do a thesis) should satisfy the requirement in the first semester of graduate study.

A list of ways to satisfy this requirement can be found in the latest SJSU Catalog. They are summarized below:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the CSU baccalaureate graduation requirement of competence in written English--evidence of which must show on the official transcript submitted with the application for admission to graduate standing.
  2. Satisfactory completion of the Writing Workshop Waiver Examination with a "waiver" score. Information on this option can be obtained from the Testing Office.
  3. Satisfactory completion as a graduate student of a 3-unit "100W" writing course (Engr 100W in the College of Engineering) for non-CSU baccalaureate graduates. This course cannot be counted as part of the 30 units Graduate Degree Program for the M.S. in Civil Engineering.
  4. Satisfactory completion of a department graduate course which has been approved for the GWAR and is at least three units in which a major report is required and weighted as at least 30 percent of the course grade. The CE courses which qualify for this option can be found at the webpages for the individual area of study.

Passing a course does not necessarily satisfy the writing requirement. The instructor of each course has the option to notify the department graduate coordinator and the student in writing stating that the student's work has not been sufficient for GWAR.

Admission to candidacy and graduate degree program:

After completing the writing requirement and receiving classified status and completing nine units of graded work, the student should then apply for candidacy for the M.S. degree. The "request for approval of candidacy" form includes a listing of the courses (30 units) which will be used as the student's graduate degree program. Makeup courses, courses which are required in the department'sundergraduate program, and lower division courses may not be included in the graduate degree program.

At the time this request is submitted the student must meet the following scholarship requirements:

  1. A 3.0 GPA for all courses taken since the receipt of the B.S. degree. (at SJSU and other universities).
  2. 2. A 3.0 GPA for all courses taken at SJSU since receipt of the B.S. degree.

The graduate degree program must include the following:

  1. At least 15 units of 200 level courses in Civil Engineering.
  2. At least 24 units of work in residence at SJSU.
  3. A minimum of 18 units of graded coursework.
  4. No more than 6 units of CE 299 thesis courses.
  5. Completion of SJSU writing requirement

Apply for the award of the M.S. degree by the deadline dates

The payment of the diploma fee is a part of this process.

Complete a culminating experience

This may be done by completing an acceptable thesis (Plan A), creative project (Plan C) or comprehensive examination (Plan B).

Finishing the requirements for the M.S. degree

  1. Complete all the courses on the approved graduate program with grades of A, B, C, or CR.
  2. Maintain a 3.0 GPA in:
    1. All CE courses on the approved graduate program.
    2. All courses on the approved graduate program.
    3. All upper division and graduate courses taken at SJSU while a post-baccalaureate student
      at SJSU.
    4. All upper division and graduate courses taken while a post-baccalaureate
      student at SJSU and elsewhere.

NOTE: More complete details and additional information can be found in the Policies and Procedures section of the current SJSU Catalog.