The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering has a number of Small ($500 to $2500) single-year scholarships available to matricalated students. Applications for the scholarships are available each year in March and awards are made by middle of April. For more informaiton, contact the department office at 408-924-3900.

The scholarships which are made available through endowments by various sponsors are:

  • Beavers Hearvy Construction Engineering Scholarship
  • Bufton, Richard Memorial Scholarship
  • California Water Service Company Scholarship
  • Charles W. Davidson Scholarship
  • Daniel J. Caputo and Minnie J. Caputo Civil Engineering Scholarship
  • Eric M. Bergtraun Facilities (Civil) Engineering Excellence Award
  • George M. Sicular Scholarship
  • HydroScience Engineers Scholarship
  • Leonard and Patricia Bushnell Memorial Scholarship
  • Norman Gunderson Award in Cybernetic (Civil Engineering) System Scholarship
  • Rieser Building Group Scholarship
  • San Jose Water Company Scholarship
  • Whitehurst Scholarship