California Faculty Association

Dear Colleagues,

Let me begin by encouraging you to work closely with your colleagues and staff to help our university be a secure place for students who are being threatened and feel threatened by the statements and policy initiatives from Washington.

Second, I want to personally express my solidarity with faculty and students who are subject to the Refugee Executive Order signed last week by President Trump. CFA has condemned that Executive Order, joining the AAUP, prominent academics, and many universities, including CSU. The members of the CFA Executive Board at SJSU are also in solidarity with faculty, students and staff subjected to the immigration ban.

Third, we must all prepare for the upcoming bargaining (which begins summer 2017) when everything in the contract, including health care and pensions, are subject to discussion. The bargaining will be conducted in a period when the political initiative is in the hands of opponents of unionized teachers, faculty, and workers more generally.

To bolster our working conditions, I encourage you to be as active as you can be:

  • Attend our upcoming Membership Meeting February 22nd.
  • Insist on a CFA Minute at every faculty meeting. Use that minute to discuss a Faculty Right Tip or important CFA news. You can receive these in your email once a month by signing up here.
  • Meet and befriend every faculty member in your department and in the adjoining offices.
  • If nothing else, let me encourage you to take one action: whenever you are asked to do something as part of your work, always ask yourself “What Does The Contract Say?”

See you Wednesday Feb. 22 at the Membership Meeting in Engineering 285-7 11:30–1pm.

In solidarity,

Preston Rudy, PhD
President of CFA @ SJSU