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Contact the Lecturer Rep if you would like to participate in events or have questions about your contractual rights.

Lecturer Rep

Jonathan Karpf (Anthropology)
Clark 404J
(408) 398-9449

Alternate Lecturer Reps

Gloria Collins (English)
FOB 216
(408) 924-4495

Chris Cox (Sociology)
DMH 210
(408) 924-5326

Kevin Moore (Linguistics and Language Development)
Clark 406D
(408) 924-4734


For information every lecturer should know, download the “Lecturer Nuts & Bolts (PPT)” workshop slides.

For information on

  • how to tell if classes that should have gone to you went instead to a Lecturer lower in the preference for work order,
  • applying for unemployment benefits between semesters, or
  • the basic information on retiring to protect your life-long medical and dental benefits,

please see our supplement guides: