SJSU Chapter Executive Board

The CFA SJSU Chapter Executive Board

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Executive Board

Voting members of the SJSU CFA Executive Board include Chapter Officers and Representatives from each College, the University Library, and Counseling Services.

The SJSU CFA Chapter is represented at the statewide CFA Assemblies by five voting Delegates: President, Lecturer Rep, Affirmative Action Assembly Delegate, and two At-Large Delegates.

Officers (2016–2018)


Preston Rudy (Sociology)
(408) 924-5333

Vice President

Scott Fosdick (Journalism & Mass Comm.)
(408) 924-7556

Lecturer Rep

Jonathan Karpf (Anthropology)
(408) 398-9449
For more information, please go to the Lecturers page.


Dona Nichols (Journalism & Mass Comm)
(408) 924-3247


Richard Francisco (Counseling & Psychological Services)
(408) 924-5010

Affirmative Action Assembly Delegate

Chris Cox (Sociology)
(408) 924-5326

Assembly Delegate-at-Large

Alison McKee (Radio, Television, & Films)
(408) 924-4535

Political Action & Legislative Committee Chair


University Council of Chairs and Directors Rep

Glen Gendzel (History)
(408) 924-5514

Faculty Rights Committee

For more information, please go to Faculty Rights Committee.

College, Library, and Counselor Reps (2017–2019)

College of Applied Sciences & Arts

Dona Nichols (Journalism & Mass Comm.)
(408) 924-3247

College of Business

Mike Splane (Management Information System)
(408) 924-3533

College of Education

Rosalinda Quintanar (Elementary Education)
(408) 924-3747

Katya Aguilar (Secondary Education)
(408) 924-3770

College of Engineering

Nikos Mourtos (Aerospace Engineering)
(408) 924-3867

College of Humanities & the Arts

Romey Sabalius (World Languages & Literatures)
(408) 924-4616

Todd Perreira (Humanities)
(408) 924-4795

College of Social Sciences

Hien Do (Sociology & Interdisc. Soc. Sci.)
(408) 924-5747

Ada Marquez (Environmental Studies)
(408) 924-7899

Sabrina Pinnell (Political Science)


Paul Kauppila
(408) 808-2042