Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP)

Center for Faculty Development
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Each year, the Center and the Office of Faculty Affairs sponsor workshops, to help faculty understand and prepare for their Retention, Tenure and Promotion reviews. Center staff is also available for individual, confidential consultations throughout the year. See our Events calendar.

Selecting the policy under which you would like to be reviewed

Tenure-track faculty hired starting Fall 2016 or later are required to follow S15-6, 7 and 8 as they prepare their materials for review.  Faculty hired prior to that date may chose that policy or the "old" policy (S98-8).  (Once they opt for the new policy, they cannot switch back to the "old" one, however.)

Please visit the RTP page of the University Personnel website for additional information about the review proess.

Preparing your dossier

All faculty submitting an RTP dossier must use the eFaculty portal to prepare and submit their materials, regardless of the policy under which they will be reviewed.  The document below is designed to assist you organizing and sumbitting your laterials.