Peer Partners in Teaching

photo of Nancy Markowitz

Nancy Markowitz

Elementary Education, Professor

Nancy will facilitate monthly conversations and each participating faculty will have the opportunity to observe someone else teach and to learn from that peer collaboration. This faculty peer observation-collaboration format was first used in the Teacher-Scholars program, and was found to be both enjoyable and instructive.

The Professional Dialogs in Teaching Learning Community meets once a month this fall. Participants attend either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. The venue is at IRC #207.

Fall Semester 2011 Peer Partners in Teaching Information [pdf form] 

Contact Information

Phone: (408) 924-3748

Resources Used in Peer Partners in Teaching

Learning and Teaching Activities 

University of Waterloo "Tip Sheets" compilation of activites to use in the classroom. The large list covers topics such as group learning, discussions, critical thinking, and more.

 Resources to help you respond effectively to your SOTE results [pdf]