The Center for Faculty Development is delighted to host or co-host occasional half-day, day-long and multi-day conferences focused on topics pertaining to teaching and learning, and faculty professional development. Information about up-coming events can be found below. Information about past events is also archived on this page.

2018 Engaging for Success Inclusive Dialogue

Fall 2018

Supporting Student Veterans through Inclusive Teaching and Learning

To engage students, faculty, staff and general public in an inclusive teaching and learning conversation about how to better support students with disabilities including student veterans.

Date and Time: November 14th (Wednesday), 2 - 4 pm

Location: Engineering 285/287

Final program [pdf] and Flyer [pdf] are available.


Spring 2018

A conversation with students, faculty and staff to raise awarness about creating accessible and inclusive teaching and learning environments.

Date and Time: May 1st (Tuesday), 10 - 12 noon

Location: Diaz Compean Student Union Room 1A and B

Final program [pdf] and agenda [pdf] are available.


You can view the first hour of this event via web stream.                 

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