Writing Marathon Program

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Center for Faculty Development
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Program Description

With so many plates spinning, it can be difficult for faculty to make time for their scholarly and creative agendas.  Several times each year, the Center partners with the Office of Research and with the King Library to offer "oases" - time and space for faculty to come and write, uninterrupted. Upon request, we can provide consulting (about library searches, research design, data analysis, and similar topics) as well as a critical-friend review of your manuscripts.

Also, to help you make the most of the Summer "break", each Spring, we host Seneca Days* -  half-day sessions to help you articulate your writing goals, line up resources, and plan your time so that you can be as productive as possible.

*These days are named after the Roman philosopher who wrote "If you don't know what port you are sailing for, no wind is favorable."

So take a look at the dates for this year's events, and plan ahead!

Writing Marathon 


Dates for AY 2017-18

  • April 2018 - TBD - 

  • January 2018 - TBD - 

  • October 2017 - TBD