Faculty Learning Communities

What is a Faculty Learning Community (FLC)?

faculty learning community (FLC) is a group of faculty members, typically 8 to 10 in size, that engages in collegial conversation and inquiry around a topic of mutual interest over a relatively extended period of time. At SJSU, faculty participating in such learning communities spend the semester or the year addressing questions pertaining to student learning, teaching effectiveness, and the like.

The work scope of an FLC may include any or all of the following: (a) discussing readings pertaining to the topic; (b) engaging in research pertaining to the topic; (c) designing, implementing and assessing instructional activities pertaining to the topic; and (d) larger-scale course re-design. Such in-depth and sustained collegial interactions help nurture the professional engagement and revitalization of participants.

The Center for Faculty Development staff, in collaboration with various SJSU partners, will provide research and instructional design support for each FLC, as appropriate.

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Faculty Learning Community Topics for 2017-18

For 2017-18, we will be supporting three FLCs focused on aspects of teaching and learning:

Inclusive teaching. This group will focus on ways to create welcoming and appropriately challenging educational environments where all students can feel a sense of “belongingness” as they strive to succeed.

Enhancing students’ reading. This group will consider ways to more fully engage their students in the readings they assign, and to help students become more self-directed in their approach to their academic work.

Community-engaged learning and service-learning. This group will consider ways to incorporate field-based experiences into their courses, in ways that enhance students’ learning and engagement with their studies and with their communities.


FLC participants will commit to the following:

During Fall semester, groups will meet bi-weekly (in person or on-line) to explore a set of readings together, relating what they are reading to their own experiences teaching. Participants will create a plan re-designing one of their Spring 2018 courses (including some form of assessment). During Spring semester, groups will continue to meet, as members refine, implement and assess their teaching innovations. They will share their re-designed class with the campus more broadly at a year-end gathering.

Attendance at 75% or more of FLC meetings

Active and regular contribution to in-person and on-line FLC discussions

Submission of a plan (Fall) and a report (Spring) summarizing the project linking their work with the FLC to their teaching.

Participation in a year-end campus-wide event where they will share their work with colleagues.

Upon completion of these requirements, participants will receive $1000 in professional development funds ($500 at the end of Fall and $500 at the end of Spring) which they may use to support their professional endeavors in accordance with general university guidelines.

Application details

  • All faculty are eligible to apply to be part of one of these groups.
  • To apply, complete and submit the FLC Application Form by 11:59pm, Sunday, May 21st, 2017.

FLC Topics from Previous Years

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Resources about FLC

For additional information, please contact Amy Strage (amy.strage@sjsu.edu) or Gina Marin (gina.marin@sjsu.edu).