Teaching Large Classes


Many faculty members truly enjoy teaching large classes.  Others are more apprehensive about the prospect – they worry about the logistics when there are so many students to manage; they are concerned that it may be hard to “connect” with students or to recognize when they need extra support; they fear they won’t be able to keep students engaged; and they cringe at the thought of the time it will take to grade all of those assignments and papers and exams.

We invite you to explore the materials we have compiled for you here, including personal tips and strategies from your SJSU colleagues as well as other resources from a wide variety of sources.

We trust you will find a few pearls of wisdom as well as a few clever ideas to adapt for use in your own classes.

 Diagram showing many types of courses also have challenges in large class format


Tips and Tricks from SJSU Instructors


Shared Higher Ed Experiences

A lecture hall at Baruch College, New York City, USA


Campus Events Focused on Large Class Teaching

Other Resources

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• Barkley, E.F. (2010). Student Engagement Techniques- A handbook for college faculty. SF:CA. Jossey-Bass