Case Study of Classroom Implementation of Role-Playing

Classroom examples for the following disciplines:

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Role-Playing in the Classroom: A Tourism Experience 
Fiona Richards discusses a role play exercise incorporated into a first year tourism majors at James Cook University .

The Use of Role-Playing to Help Students Understand Information Systems Case Studies 
This article published in the Journal of Information Systems Education explains as to why students preferred the role-play approach to help them understand how information systems can be used in business.


Showcase: Case studies, Role-Playing and Simulations 
An excellent showcase of case studies on role playing in economics classrooms from the Economics Network of the UK's Higher Education Academy.

The Mandelbrot Project: A Role Playing Exercise in Applied Decision Making 
Jack Ruitenbeek discusses a case study exercise on a role-playing context ("game") for students in environmental economics.

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The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science Case Collection 
An excellent showcase of case studies on role playing in science classroom from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Some of the subjects mentioned are:

The Use of Role-Playing Exercises in Teaching Undergraduate Astronomy and Physics 
Paul J. Francis, Aidan P. Byrne discusses a series of case-studies illustrating the nature of this technique, its advantages and some of its pitfalls. Several ready-to-run exercises are included.

Role Playing In an Object-Oriented World 
St. Bonaventure University presents the use of scripted role playing that can help students understand various aspects of software design, marine biology and more.

"Saving Superman: A Look into Stem Cell Research"  
Lisa M. Rubin, professor at University at Buffalo and State University of New York, provides a case study that begins with a synopsis of Christopher Reeve's accident and his support of stem cell research, with hopes to spark student interest in the topic. There are two parts to the case study that includes the use of role-play approach.

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