Instructions for Obtaining a Parking Permit 

Orientation attendees can obtain a virtual parking permit for August 15, 2019 at $4 rate via the link:

Instructions: After the students click on the link, they will need to click on 'Affiliated Login' button on the webpage and log in using their SJSUOne credentials.  They will need to add their vehicle information. They can then follow the prompt to select the vehicle license plate to be associated with the virtual parking permit and pay for the permit.  The parking permit is virtual meanings their vehicle license plate that they registered and selected is their parking permit.  They do not need to display a physical parking permit.  The virtual parking permit is valid in the general parking areas of the North, South, or West Garages.  To view the parking areas visit the Parking Services website.  

If there are issues obtaining the permit, please contact Parking Services.