ChAD Masters Program Professional Development Portfolio

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The purpose of this program-long assignment is to assist you in reflecting on the relationship between your professional goals and your educational experiences. While enrolled in the MA program, you will consider each class in relation to your own professional development goals.

These reflections will be collected each semester. Reflections on all courses are to be emailed to the ChAD department administrative assistant: Denisha Agustin ( with your name and the course prefix and number in the subject line. Ms. Agustin will archive this material. You will also need to maintain a copy for your own use.

1. ChAD 260A:

  • Describe three professional goals that you have set for yourself to accomplish over the next ten years.
  • For each goal, describe what you expect to learn from the ChAD MA curriculum to help you achieve the goal.
  • Due September 30th.

2. ChAD (260A, 260B, 262, 266, 268, 270) courses and all electives:

  • Separately for each course completed during the semester, select two or three specific studies, concepts, or ideas and describe how they have contributed to your progress in achieving your professional goals. If your three primary professional goals have changed during the semester, describe your revised goal(s) in relation to the material you learned in the course.
  • Due by the last instructional day of each semester.

3. ChAD 260B:

  • Reread your portfolio entries. Reflect on what you have learned from your MA program experiences and describe how the program has or has not contributed to achieving your professional goals.
  • Due on the last instructional day of the spring semester.


  • This assignment will not be graded by the faculty in relation to student performance in any course.
  • No ChAD semester course grade will be assigned until the required reflections have been received by the department.
  • Students are expected to maintain a portfolio of their reflections. The department will maintain an archive of this material as well.
  • While there are no specific guidelines about length, students should be thorough in the development of their ideas about professional development.