Minor in ChAD

photo: King Library across Tower Lawn

The courses for the minor in Child & Adolescent Development offer a range of opportunities to examine the course of human development with special emphasis on the period from infancy through adolescence. The minor is particularly appropriate for students planning to enter the fields of education, social welfare, nursing, child care, and other human services professions.

Course Requirements:

15 units (2 lower division courses and 3 upper division courses).

Required Courses:

  • ChAD 60*+ Child Development
  • ChAD 67* Development of Human Potential or ChAD 70*

Select 3 courses from the following (ChAD 60 is a prerequisite for several):

  • ChAD 150+ Development of Communicative Competence
  • ChAD 151+ Developing Literacy in a Diverse Society
  • ChAD 161+ Child Care Administration II
  • ChAD 162+ Childhood and Adolescence in a Multicultural Society
  • ChAD 163 Critical Issues in Adolescent Development
  • ChAD 164+ Contemporary Parenting
  • ChAD 167+ Child Care Administration I
  • ChAD 168+ Social and Emotional Development in Childhood and Adolescence (prereq: Psych 1 or equivalent)
  • ChAD 169+ Motivating Children and Adolescents in Educational Settings
  • ChAD 170+ Contextual Influences on Cognitive Development (prereq: Psych 1 or equivalent)
  • ChAD 173+ Critical Issues in Infant and Toddler Development (prereq: ChAD 60)

*Fulfills General Education
+Fulfills requirements toward a Child Development permit