Frequently Asked Questions

Listed in no particular order are many of the questions that faculty and office staff are often asked by students.

How often should I see a ChAD advisor?

Students who are majoring in ChAD should meet with an advisor as soon as possible after entering SJSU. After completing 90 units, meet with an advisor to apply to graduate. Whenever students feel tje need additional advising, they should feel free to make an appointment with an advisor.

Is a 'D' a passing grade?

In ChAD , we encourage students to study carefully and learn the material. Occasionally students do not do well. For courses in our department, we accept grades as low as D- as passing, however, overall in the major courses students need a GPA of 2.0. Students should check the University catalog for the requirements in other departments and for general education courses.

What do faculty do during office hours?

Faculty office hours are wonderful times for students to have one-on-one discussions with their teachers about all sorts of things.  We strongly urge you to take advantage of this resource. For example, if you are having trouble with a challenging assignment, go talk with the instructor to get advice and assistance. If you did not do well on a graded assignment, talk with your teacher about how you could improve your performance on other assignments. Sometimes faculty are working on research projects. If you would like to become involved in conducting research, talk with your instructors.

What if I am having a problem with one of my instructors?

Sometimes instructors and students disagree on assignments or grades.  There can also be issues about the lecture/discussions, inter-personal contacts, etc.  Difficulties can occur in ChAD or in any other department on campus.  If you disagree with an instructor’s decision or conduct, here are some options:

  1. The first thing you should consider doing is immediately to make an appointment to talk privately with your teacher. Try to resolve the problem by being candid and clear about what the issues are.
  1. If you are not comfortable talking with your instructor or after you have spoken with your instructor, you still feel that the issue is not resolved, make an appointment to discuss the situation with the department chair.  For ChAD go to SH 201 and make an appointment with the department chair.
  1. After you have met with the chair OR if you have concerns that make you feel that you cannot discuss the problem with the department chair, continue the discussion in one of two ways:
  2. a) Make an appointment to talk with the associate dean of the college in which the department is located (for ChAD this would be the College of Education, SH 103);


b) Make an appointment with the University Ombudsperson. For information, go to:             

Alternatively, you can take your complaints/concerns directly to the University Ombudsperson at any time.

Am I required to have a minor along with my major in ChAD ?

ChAD does not require a minor, but a small percentage of our students select one. If you are thinking about a minor, talk with an advisor in the department you are considering.

I need to see an advisor immediately but all the appointments in the near future are taken. What should I do?

Occasionally, and only with a compelling reason, students can make appointments for advisement by speaking with the department administrative assistant in SH 201.  Go to the office and discuss your needs with our administrative assistant.

How do I know whether a course at some other college substitutes for one at SJSU?

The University maintains a highly informative student information website that will show what equivalent courses are offered at community colleges, CSU campuses, and some other colleges and universities.

What is the difference between Plan A and Plan B?
This is an important question.  Take some time to read this page.