Becoming a ChAD Major

Thinking about changing your major to Child & Adolescent Development?

chad student 



 ChAD currently accepts all students who would like to complete  the  major  but there are eligibility criteria for admission to the  program. The  Advising Hub provides information about declaring a major.

For ChAD it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Here's all you need to do . . 
 1. If you were not accepted as a ChAD major at the time you      enrolled  at SJSU, admission to the ChAD major requires    completion of these f  four courses with a grade of C or better in      each:

  • ChAD 60*
  • ChAD 70* (preferred) or ChAD 67*
  • PSYCH 1*
  • STAT 95* or SOCS 15* or equivalent

* You may have taken these courses at another college. Check for course equivalencies on the SJSU articulation site.

2. Take your change of major form to the ChAD office (SH 201) for a signature. Be sure to have a grade printout that shows completion of all four courses required for admission to the program.

3. Once you are a declared ChAD major, prepare for an advisement appointment, something you can schedule yourself in SH 201