As an undergraduate student who is a major in ChAD, you can expect to receive excellent advisement in the various major options we offer. Our advising is designed to help students develop and follow a plan for completing their course requirements.

The University requires all students to see a major advisor sometime during their first year at SJSU. ChAD faculty strongly encourage you to meet with an advisor in your first semester at SJSU. You must, however, be a currently-enrolled ChAD major and prepare for your advisement appointments.

We expect students to take responsibility for fully preparing for advisement appointments.To prepare for an appointment, click on the link that best describes you:


Course Roadmap

Graduation Application:

For Advisement in Specific Programs or Areas:

Advisement Appointments

Appointments are available from the first week of classes through to the last week of instruction in the fall and spring semesters. Appointment scheduling is self-serve. Sign-up sheets are available starting on the first class day of the semester in SH 201. Be sure to follow the instructions on this webpage to prepare your appointment.

If you need advisement assistance during the breaks between semesters or over the summer, go to (SH 201) or call the department office (408) 924-3718 for assistance.