Plan A or Plan B?

You must decide whether you will follow Plan A or Plan B major plan. The basic consideration is whether teaching in grades K - 8 is your career goal. If it is, Plan A is the better choice for you because it includes subject matter preparation, and Plan B does not. Plan B is designed for students who are interested in careers working with children and their families, not necessarily seeking the teaching credential.

What are the benefits of following Plan A?

  • The set of courses required for this major includes preparation in each of academic areas commonly taught in elementary schools: language and literature; mathematics and science; humanities and the arts; human development and physical education; and history and the social sciences. This will help you prepare to pass the CBEST and the CSEST, both required in credential programs.

Do I have to follow Plan A if I want to become a teacher?

  • No, to apply to a credential program you need to have a BA in something. So, both Plans A and B will suffice. Likewise, you are not guaranteed entrance to a credential program simply because you complete Plan A. Several criteria are used for acceptance. Check the requirements of the credential program of interest to you.

How are the two plans different/the same?

  • For either plan, you must complete 120 units to graduate.
    • Plan A has far more required courses than does Plan B because Plan A includes the CCTC-approved subject matter preparation program. In many instances the courses in Plan A also meet general education requirements.
    • If you are a transfer student, you may have entered SJSU with a large number of units that were accepted by SJSU but are not applicable to Plan A simply because so few elective units are needed.
    • In Plan A you will take ChAD 159 and in Plan B you will take ChAD 160 and 161. Otherwise, the specific courses in Child & Adolescent Development are the same.

How does general education fit into Plan A?

  • The majority of courses for subject matter preparation also meet general education requirements.
    • If you are a transfer student, you may find that areas noted as complete on your general education form are not accepted as complete on Plan A. For example, you may already have completed a math concepts course, but must take Math 12 (which also meets the math concepts requirement) because Math 12 is required for subject matter preparation.

Can I switch from one plan to another?

  • You may switch from one plan to another at any time. However, you must fulfill all requirements for the plan you have selected before being cleared for graduation.