Need additional advisement?

Once you have seen an advisor for your initial appointment you will have a form that shows you what courses you need to take to complete your degree. On that form you should keep track of the grades you earn in each of the courses as you complete them. You would not need to see an advisor until two semesters before you expect to graduate.

If you feel you need additional information after your first appointment, we definitely want to meet with you.  Do the following:

  • Sign up for an advisement appointment. 
  • Print out a copy of all your grades at SJSU since your previous advisement.
  • Get a copy of all your grades in courses taken at other colleges and universities since your previous advisement. For department purposes, these do not have to be formal, sealed transcripts.
  • As soon as you can but at least three business days before your appointment, paperclip copies of your grades to a brief note describing what you hope to accomplish during your appointment. Give these materials to staff in SH 201 so that your advisor can be prepared for your appointment.