ChAD Curriculum Roadmap

Is there an order I should follow in taking ChAD requirements?

For all majors at SJSU there are curriculum roadmaps that you will want to consider. Otherwise, the answer to the question about order of classes for ChAD may be a little complicated, but it's not rocket science. It matters what your academic level is. Below are some guidelines that should be helpful.  Remember, whenever you have a question, drop by the ChAD office or make an appointment with a ChAD advisor.

If you are a freshman or sophomore:

  • Make an appointment to see a department advisor as soon as possible.  You will leave your advisement appointment with a one-page summary of all major and GE requirements for the BA in ChAD.
  • Complete all the Core GE requirements. If your goal is to complete the subject matter prep curriculum, Plan A, see a department advisor to discuss GE course options.
  • Learn how to run your degree progress report on MY SJSU and run it every semester.
  • Take these lower division (freshman/sophomore) courses required for the major:
  1. ChAD 60 meets GE Area E
  2. ChAD 70 meets GE Area E
  3. PSYC 1 meets GE Area D
  4. For GE Area B4 Math Concepts, take a statistics course (e.g.,  SOCS 15, or STAT 95)
  5. MATH 12 also meets GE Area B4 (for students who will follow Plan A)

If you are a junior and have completed all or most of the above requirements:

If you are a senior and have completed all or most of the above requirements:

  • Take ChAD 159 (Plan A) or ChAD 160 (Plan B, early education focus)  or ChAD 158 (Plan B, community focus) and ChAD 195.
  • Complete any remaining graduation requirements.

At any level:

  • Whenever you are uncertain about which courses you should be taking or, for that matter, about anything in ChAD, see a ChAD advisor.