Degree Majors and Minors


Academic Programs for a B.A. in Child & Adolescent Development

Plan A: Subject Matter Preparation
Foundation in child & adolescent development and subject matter commonly taught in  K-8 schools.  Designed for students interested in earning a teaching credential.

Plan B: General (2 options)
Foundation in child & adolescent development.  Designed for students interested in careers working in childcare or in agencies serving children, youth, and families.

Undergraduate Advising

How to declare and become a ChAD Major

Set up a general -or- graduation advisement appointment (Only for declared ChAD Majors)


Academic Program for a masters degree in ChAD

M.A. in Child Development

Graduate Advising

How to apply for the M.A. in ChAD Program

Graduate Advising


General ChAD

Atypical Child Studies


Departmental Honors Program