Elements of the MA in ChAD


30-unit course of study for an MA in ChAD:

ChAD 260A* Seminar in ChAD and Research
ChAD 260B Capstone Seminar in ChAD
ChAD 262 Multi-Cultural Issues in ChAD
ChAD 266 Social Policy Issues in American Childhood and Youth
ChAD 268 Seminar in Social and Emotional Development
ChAD 270 Seminar in Cognitive and Language Development
ChAD 298 Special Study (To be taken concurrently with 260B)
Three electives from the department-approved list** (9 units)

Total Units 30

*Meets the Graduate Studies writing requirement. Must be taken in the first semester of enrollment.

**Electives may be taken at any time during the MA program. In rare circumstances, MA candidates may petition to take an elective not on the list. Candidates should submit a written statement to the Graduate Program Coordinator indicating what course is requested and a justification for why the course and not one of the pre-approved electives is necessary.

The MA classes in ChAD are offered in the evenings, generally from 4:00 to 6:50 p.m., to accommodate working students, and some courses are offered on-line.

All candidates for the MA in ChAD must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all courses taken to meet the program degree requirements.

No substitutions or waivers are allowed unless previous coursework (no more than three units) is deemed equivalent and transferable. Requests for substitutions and waivers must be submitted in writing to the Graduate Program Coordinator and approved by the ChAD faculty.

Minimum GPA and Continuing Enrollment

To maintain enrollment in the ChAD MA program, students' overall minimum GPA across all 30 units required for the degree must be 3.0 with no single course grade below a B-. Students who earn less than a B- in any required course (ChAD 260A and B, 262, 266, 268, 270) must retake the course and earn a grade of B- or better.  For electives in which the earned grade was less than a B-, students have the option to retake the same course or to select a different elective.

Admission to Candidacy

During the semester that the first nine units of course work will be completed, the MA candidate will need to submit a Departmental Request for Candidacy form [pdf]. This form must be signed by the ChAD Graduate Program Coordinator and submitted to GAPE by the appropriate deadline. Check the deadline for submitting the Request for Candidacy form. Any changes made in the program degree academic plan [pdf] (as listed on the Request for Candidacy form) must be approved by GAPE. This form must be signed by the ChAD Graduate Program Coordinator prior to submission to GAPE.

Application for Graduation

Complete the Application for Award of Master's Degree [pdf] form and send it directly to GAPE. Be sure to check the deadline for submitting the graduation application form.

Verification of Culminating Experience

When ChAD 260B and ChAD 298 are successfully completed, confirm with the course instructor that a verification of culminating experience form will be submitted to GAPE.