ChAD Course Roadmap

Is there an order I should follow in taking ChAD requirements?

The answer to this question is a little complicated, but it's not rocket science. It matters what your academic level is. Below are some guidelines that should be helpful.

If you are a freshman or sophomore:

  • Make an appointment to see a department advisor as soon as possible.  You will leave your advisement appointment with a one-page summary of all major and GE requirements for the BA in ChAD.
  • Complete all the Core GE requirements. If your goal is to complete the subject matter prep curriculum, Plan A, see a department advisor to discuss GE course options.
  • Learn how to run your degree progress report on MY SJSU and run it every semester.
  • Take these lower division (freshman/sophomore) courses required for the major:
  1. ChAD 60 meets GE Area E
  2. ChAD 70 meets GE Area E
  3. PSYC 1 meets GE Area D
  4. For GE Area B4 Math Concepts, take a statistics course (e.g.,  SOCS 15, or STAT 95)
  5. MATH 12 also meets GE Area B4 (for students who will follow Plan A)

If you are a junior and have completed all or most of the above requirements:

If you are a senior and have completed all or most of the above requirements:

  • Take ChAD 159 (Plan A) or ChAD 160 (Plan B, early education focus)  or ChAD 158 (Plan B, community focus) and ChAD 195.
  • Complete any remaining graduation requirements.

At any level: